Supplier and Subcontractor Audits

The BRC Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials requires certificated companies to have procedures in place for approval and monitoring of suppliers. Approval and assessment of suppliers of materials and services (e.g. subcontractors) may be via questionnaire, supplier certification evidence or by undertaking audits.

In these days of leaner and meaner management structures it is often difficult to justify sending a member of company management to audit suppliers and subcontractors near and far. It may be better to send an auditor to your suppliers and subcontractors who fully understands their products and processes and has no conflict of commercial interest.

Keith Ogden can help with your supplier and subcontractor approval and monitoring by helping design and manage questionnaires and by undertaking audits. Keith's practical and down to earth approach to auditing helps both sides to work together and encourages suppliers and subcontractors to improve.

Keith Ogden has completed many supplier and subcontractor audits (covering quality, product safety and hygiene) on varied companies including paper and board mills, stretch wrap suppliers, pallet suppliers, subcontract printers, subcontract converters, off site warehousing and logistics, flexible film extruders, corrugated box suppliers, cardboard core suppliers, etc.

Keith Ogden is a BRC Registered Consultant for all packaging sectors covered by the BRC Global Standard.

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