BRC Registered Consultants Scheme

Keith Ogden is registered under the recently established BRC Registered Consultants Scheme click here to find out more.

The aim of the scheme is to help maintain the integrity of the BRC Global Standards by only registering those consultants with the required skills, knowledge and experience to help companies achieve and maintain certification.

The BRC have assessed a comprehensive portfolio of evidence and references provided by Keith, which proves he has the expertise and experience required.

Keith is registered as a consultant against the BRC/IoP Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials.

Having worked as an auditor, consultant and trainer in the Packaging Sector since 1992, Keith has wide experience of helping companies to achieve and maintain BRC Global Standard Certification.

Prior to the launch of the BRC Global Standard for Packaging in 2001, Keith was involved with development and delivery of other Hygiene Accreditation Schemes in the Packaging Industry. He has since worked as a BRC Auditor and as an auditor, trainer and consultant for ADAS before setting up Effective Control Ltd in 2007.

Since 2007 Keith has worked in 24 countries around the world helping companies to achieve and maintain effective control of product hygiene and safety. Clients cover a wide cross section of the Packaging Industry - including Beverage Cans and Ends, Flexible Film Extrusion and Conversion, Corrugated Board, Folding Cartons, Labels, Paper Mills, Paper Sacks, Aluminium Foil, and Rigid Plastics.

In addition to expertise in the Global Standard for Packaging, Keith has a good working knowledge and experience of the Global Standard for Storage and Distribution, plus experience of many sectors of the Food Industry, especially fresh produce and dairy.

If you have any need for help with any of the above issues or if you require further information then please contact Keith for a no obligation discussion.

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