Refresher Training

The BRC Global Standard requires a programme of refresher training to be in place. Refresher training is only effective if it is properly planned and covers current site and product specific issues.

There is no specific need for Refresher Training to be delivered by a third party, however it is always better received and messages are better accepted they come from a competent experienced external trainer.

Content of refresher training will vary depending on current performance of the company regarding BRC Compliance, Customer Complaints, Results of Internal Audits, Results of External Audits etc.

Refresher training can be delivered in many ways:- as short, hard hitting courses, via interactive intranet type courses, or via brief staff briefings followed by hard copy handouts.

Keith Ogden has successfully developed and delivered many refresher training programmes for his clients over recent years.

If you want your Refresher Training to be cost effective and to impact the culture of your workforce, contact Keith to discuss how we can best achieve this.

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