Internal (and Supplier) Auditor Training

The BRC Global Standard requires internal audits to be carried out by appropriately trained, competent personnel who are independent from the department being audited.

Effective Control Ltd have developed a course to train internal auditors responsible for auditing those systems and procedures covering BRC Global Standard requirements (Quality Management Systems, Product Safety Systems and Hazard and Risk Management Systems/HACCP).

The course also covers the requirements for undertaking internal hygiene and housekeeping standards inspections and can be expanded to also cover auditing of suppliers.

The one a half day on site course includes:

  • Overview of Company Management Systems (Quality, Hygiene and HACCP)
  • External and Internal Auditing Requirements (BRC, ISO)
  • Links with other initiatives e.g. 5S, H&S, Environmental inspections, etc
  • Inspecting Physical Standards
  • Auditing Management Systems
  • Auditing Hazard and Risk Management and HACCP Systems
  • Objective evidence gathering
  • Practical exercises on physical inspection and system auditing
  • Audit reporting/documentation
  • Corrective Action Systems
  • Management Review/Continuous improvement

There is a preferred maximum of eight attendees per course (due to the high level of interaction required between the tutor and the attendees). Participants will receive an attendance certificate.

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