Internal Auditing and Supplier Auditing

Keith Ogden is a qualified ISO 9001 Lead Auditor and a BRC Registered Consultant. He has many years of experience of auditing Quality Management Systems, Food Safety Management Systems and HACCP Systems.

Internal Auditing

In some companies it is difficult to provide qualified internal auditing resource that is sufficiently independent to conduct internal audits properly. This may be due to time limitations on busy managers, or due to lack of trained auditing resource. In some smaller companies it may not be possible to provide any independent auditors as everyone is involved day to day with all departments and activities.

Keith Ogden can help develop and implement your internal audit systems and can complete the audits for you. Audits can be completed during one short period once a year, or on a rolling basis throughout the year in conjunction with other site visits.

Supplier and Subcontractor Auditing

In these days of leaner and meaner management structures it is often difficult to justify sending a member of company management to audit suppliers and subcontractors near and far. It may be better to send an auditor to your suppliers and subcontractors who fully understands their products and processes and has no conflict of commercial interest.

Keith Ogden can help with your supplier and subcontractor approval and monitoring by helping design and manage questionnaires and by undertaking audits. Keith's practical and down to earth approach to auditing helps both sides to work together and encourages suppliers and subcontractors to improve.

Contact Keith Ogden to discuss your internal, supplier and sub-contractor auditing requirements.

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