HARM/HACCP System Development and Documentation

The BRC Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials requires a formal Hazard and Risk Management System to be in place to ensure that all hazards to product safety and integrity are identified and appropriately controlled.

Effective Control Ltd can help your company through the whole Hazard and Risk Management System development process including:

  • Agreeing the scope of the hazard and risk analysis
  • Developing a product description, defining intended uses and agreeing restrictions on use
  • Development and documentation of Process Flow Charts
  • Undertaking a detailed Hazard Analysis/Risk Assessment
  • Agreement and development of Control Measures
  • Development and documentation of Prerequisite Programmes
  • Identification of Critical Control Points (CCPs)
  • Agreeing tolerance and target values, plus developing and documenting monitoring systems for CCPs
  • Agreeing corrective action systems and developing and documenting associated procedures
  • Introducing HARM/HACCP System review and audit procedures

Keith Ogden has vast experience of helping to develop and implement practical, realistic Hazard and Risk Management Systems and HACCP Systems in the packaging sector. These systems ensure that BRC Global Standard requirements are met, and also take into account specific customer HACCP requirements.

Many companies still become confused and concerned when they try to implement Hazard and Risk Management and HACCP in their non-food processes. Keith Ogden will help to simplify the process resulting in a system that gives greater confidence to you and your customers.

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