HACCP/HARM Review Audits

The BRC Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials requires the Hazard and Risk Management (HARM) or HACCP System to be reviewed at least annually, and when products, processes or equipment change or if there are any significant incidents.

Many companies have had their HARM or HACCP System in place for many years (since the early days of the BRC Standard). Some of these systems are now outdated and do not reflect current industry practices or requirements.

Effective Control Ltd can provide the necessary expertise to undertake a detailed review of your HARM or HACCP System. This could be a simple annual review or may be triggered by changes to processes, products or significant incidents or complaints.

If your HARM or HACCP System is out of date and ineffective and requires bringing up to date, then why not contact Keith Ogden to see how we can help.

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