Food Defence System Development and Documentation

In 2008 the World Health Organisation issued Guidance on the Terrorist Threat to Food giving advice for the deterrence, detection and defeat of ideologically motivated and other forms of malicious attack on food and drink and their supply arrangements.

In 2010 the UK Centre for Protection of National Infrastructure published PAS 96:2010 - Defending Food and Drink and in June 2011 issued a warning - "The Food chain is at risk of being poisoned by terrorist groups - Food and drink sold in Britain is under a growing threat from terrorist groups which might try to poison supplies, the Government's security advisers have warned"

An increasing number of Food Companies are asking many questions now regarding controlling the risks of malicious food contamination (as opposed to accidental contamination). These customers have put in place Food Defence Systems to help manage and reduce these risks and now expect their suppliers to do the same.

The first stage of developing and implementing a Food Defence System is to appoint and train a multidisciplinary Food Defence Team. The next stage is to develop and implement a practical, achievable and effective Food Defence System.

Keith Ogden has worked with a number of large packaging companies/groups to develop and document company specific Food Defence Systems that are compatible with their existing Quality and Product Safety Management Systems.

If you are getting asked questions about Food Defence Systems and need to do something to satisfy your customers and keep up with your competitors, contact Keith Ogden to get the process started.

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