Designated Manager and Deputy Training

The BRC Global Standard requires a "designated competent manager and deputy with responsibility for coordinating compliance with the Standard". Completion of this intensive two day site and product specific BRC Implementation Course helps to demonstrate this competence.

The course covers:

  • Background to Hygiene, HACCP, BRC
  • Customer's technical concerns - contamination hazards plus consumer safety issues
  • Commercial issues and consequences
  • Company approach to managing BRC Compliance
  • Structure and Scope of the BRC/IoP Global Standard
  • Requirements of the Standard
    • Management Commitment
    • Hazard and Risk Management and HACCP overview
    • Hazard and Risk Analysis principles and techniques
    • CCP Controls, Monitoring and Corrective Actions
    • Management Systems
    • Site Standards - Exterior, Buildings, Security, Equipment, Maintenance, Staff Facilities, Cleaning, Waste Control, Pest Control, Transport and Storage
    • Process Controls (including design, print, inspection, calibration, non-conforming product)
    • Physical Contaminants (foreign bodies - including glass, brittle materials, metal/blades/sharps, wood, etc)
    • Personnel (including access/movement, personal hygiene, medical screening, protective clothing, training)
  • The BRC/IoP Global Standard Certification Process and Implementation in your factory

The course includes visiting the factory areas to discuss practical application of the Standard, to discuss hazard analysis and risk assessment in practice and to identify any site specific issues for further discussion.

This course can be run in conjunction with the Hazard and Risk Management Team Training Course, achieving training of the Designated Manager, Deputy, Hazard and Risk Management Team Leader and Team Members in one hit.

There is an optional two hour examination at the end of the course, with certificates awarded to successful candidates. Alternatively attendance certificates can be awarded to all attendees.

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