Dealing with customer specific HACCP requirements

Many food industry customers have their own specific requirements for their packaging suppliers regarding HACCP and Hazard and Risk Management Systems. Sometimes this is because the customer doesn't understand the differences between their high risk food processes and the lower risk packaging processes, but often it is due to their specific concerns relating to their products.

Keith Ogden has helped many packaging companies deal with specific HACCP requests from customers, either by presenting the current HARM/HACCP System in a slightly different way that gives the customer more confidence, or by adding specific information to the hazard analysis/risk assessment or associated documentation. Where the customer request is considered unreasonable or impractical, Keith has also been prepared to negotiate on your behalf to achieve an outcome that is acceptable to all parties.

If your customers have specific HACCP requirements, contact Keith Ogden to see if we can work together for a mutually acceptable outcome.

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