Basic Food Defence Training for Personnel

Some multi-national food companies are asking their suppliers to implement Food Defence Systems to help control malicious contamination risks. Following appointment of a Food Defence Team and implementation of a Food Defence System, the next stage is to train all company personnel in the background and basics of Food Defence.

Keith Ogden has developed a Food Defence Training Course to meet these requirements. This two hour course covers:

  • What is Food Defence
  • Examples of Food Defence Incidents
  • Why you have to have a Food Defence Programme
  • Content of the company‚Äôs Food Defence Programme
    • Food Defence Team
    • Food Defence Policy
    • Threat Assessment
    • Controls - External Security, Internal Security, Personnel Security, Incident Response
  • What this means for company personnel.

The course is made site, company and customer specific, using relevant examples and images wherever possible.

If you want to discuss Basic Food Defence training for your workforce please contact Keith Ogden to discuss further.

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