Basic BRC Training for personnel

The BRC Global Standard requires all personnel to be appropriately trained and for training to cover packaging quality assurance, potential contamination and safety hazards, company hygiene rules and any critical process steps.

Keith Ogden has delivered hundreds of training courses to factory personnel to meet these BRC requirements, but more importantly to help achieve a sustainable culture change within the workforce. Training is much more effective if it’s delivered by someone who knows your factory, your processes and your products and who can explain the reasons for any changes required.

This three hour on site course has a preferred maximum of 15 participants and covers:

  • Why Product Safety/BRC Certification is important to the company, the customer and the consumer.
  • The commercial implications and consequences of lack of control
  • Causes of contamination of packaging and the steps necessary to avoid it.
  • Personal hygiene controls
  • Pest control
  • Cleaning, Housekeeping and control of waste
  • Control of physical contaminants (glass, blades and wood)
  • Hazard and Risk Management Systems and HACCP
  • The role and content of the company Management Systems in relation the BRC Global Standard
  • Any company management messages can also be passed on during the training (such messages are often better received if delivered by a competent third party).

At the end of each course there is a 15 question multiple choice test. The pass mark is 66%. Effective Control Limited Certificates are issued to successful candidates.

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